Essex Regional Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations





The provisions of M.G.L. c. 32, § 20(5)(c)(2) state “[w]hen an error exists in the records maintained by the system or an error is made in computing a benefit and, as a result, a member or beneficiary receives from the system more or less than the member or beneficiary would have been entitled to receive had the records been correct or had the error not been made, the records or error shall be corrected and as far as practicable, and future payments shall be adjusted so that the actuarial equivalent of the pension or benefit to which the member or beneficiary was correctly entitled shall be paid.  If it is determined that a member has contributed an incorrect amount to the retirement system, the member shall be required to contribute an amount sufficient to correct such error or the board shall pay an amount to the member to correct such error, as the case may be”.

The Board’s policy with respect to the correction of such errors, and the calculation of what constitutes the actuarial equivalent, consistent with the decision rendered in Herrick v. Essex Regional Retirement Board, 465 Mass. 801 (2013) and PERAC Memorandum #32/2013, shall require the Board to pay to the member or beneficiary, or in the case in which a member or beneficiary has been overpaid by the Board, the amount of the corrected benefit, together with three percent (3%) annual interest on the benefit paid or owed, as the case may be, computed from the date the error occurred to the date the error was corrected.  In a circumstance in which the Board owes funds to the member or beneficiary, the Board will make a one-time lump-sum payment of the amount owed, and prospectively from the date of payment correct the error such that the member or beneficiary receives the corrected monthly benefit.  In a circumstance in which the Board is owed funds by a member or beneficiary to correct an error, the Board shall in its sole discretion withhold an amount it deems appropriate from the member’s or beneficiary’s monthly benefit until such time as the debt is fully recovered.  In a circumstance in which the Board is owed funds by a member or beneficiary to correct an error, and the member or beneficiary is no longer entitled to receive a monthly benefit, the Board will seek to recover any amount owed in the most prudent and practical manner possible, and reserves the right to maintain an action in contract to recovery [sic] any amount due from the member, beneficiary or the member’s or beneficiary’s estate.