TO: All Retirement Boards

FROM: Joseph E. Connarton, Executive Director

RE: Annual Eligibility Certification

DATE: January 10, 2012

As you know, Sections 33 and 53 of Chapter 176 amend Chapter 32 to provide that, “No employee, contractor, vendor or person receiving remuneration, financial benefit or consideration of any kind, other than a retirement allowance or the statutory stipend for serving in the retirement board, from a retirement board or from a person doing business with a retirement board shall be eligible to serve on a retirement board; provided, however, that an employee of a retirement board may serve on a retirement board other than the retirement board by which the person is employed; and provided, further, that this paragraph shall apply only to individuals who first become members of a retirement board on or after April 2, 2012.”

As noted this provision does not apply to individuals who are serving on a retirement board prior to April 2, 2012.  Consequently, it will not apply to existing members.  However, it does apply to individuals who take office as retirement board members on or after that date and in light of the scheduling of elections and time frames for completing those elections, we are sending this Memo and the related Form at this time.

An Annual Eligibility Certification Form is attached and is also available at the PERAC Website:

Please inform anyone seeking a position on your retirement board that he/she is required to file the Form with the retirement board and the Commission as part of the election process.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact this office. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Attachment: Retirement Board Member Annual Eligibility Certification  pdf format of Retirement Board Member Annual Eligibility