TO:                All Retirement Boards

FROM:          Joseph E. Connarton, Executive Director

RE:                Video Presentation:  How to Prepare the 2010 Annual Statement

DATE:           February 3, 2011

I am pleased to introduce the attached video presentation by PERAC's Chief Auditor Harry Chadwick and Deputy Chief Auditor Jim Tivnan on how to prepare the 2010 Annual Statement.  

This is the first of the educational videos that we plan on releasing in 2011. Our goal is to give you an opportunity to plan "classes" around your own schedule. Furthermore, attendance won't be dependent on your driving to class.  That should be a relief especially during these long winter months.

I do want to reassure you that the video approach will only augment the classes that we will continue to offer in-person.  Jim and Harry will impart virtually the same information about preparing the annual statement on February 8 and 17th at PERAC and West Springfield respectively as that which they have presented on the attached DVD.  There is no substitute for interacting with you directly and in-person classes on multiple topics will continue to be scheduled.

Your first step to access the contents of the enclosed DVD is to click on “Open Folder to View Files.” Further instructions for playing the video are included in a PDF file on the DVD. Another PDF file includes a table of contents to the video to make it easier to return to a particular segment.  A third PDF file contains the Annual Statement Checklist, a helpful reference document.

We hope you find this approach to be helpful and look forward to hearing your comments about this initial offering.