TO:          All Retirement Boards

FROM:    Joseph E. Connarton, Executive Director

RE:          2012 Disability Retiree Data

DATE:     December 14, 2012

In order to make an accurate determination on the statutory limit of your member’s post retirement earnings as a disabled public retiree we need to maintain an accurate and current disability retiree database.  We respectfully request that you review the attached list and make all necessary status changes that occurred in the year 2012.  These changes should be made when a member is deceased, confined to a nursing home, has waived his/her allowance, has returned to active status, and/or has had a change of address.  The attached document shows what information is required and the format in which it must be provided.

Please note due to Chapter 176 of the Acts of 2011, pension reform, certain disability retirees no longer need to file the Annual Statement of Earned Income.  As a result you will notice your report has been adjusted to reflect who must still comply and who has been approved for a waiver.  Additionally, you will notice there are some of your members who did not respond to the Affidavit Waiver.  This year we are also asking that you assist PERAC in reaching out to these member’s in an attempt to obtain their responses.  If no response is received by PERAC, a 2012 Annual Statement of Earned Income must be filed by that member.

Also, please fill out the enclosed “New Member Data” form in its entirety for all new retirees approved by your board for an accidental or ordinary disability in 2012.  If any member is missing from the enclosed list, please include their information on the New Member Data form.  You should make additional copies of the blank form if needed.  It is imperative that all information be returned to PERAC no later than January 15, 2013, to ensure accuracy in our member database, prior to our mailing of the 2012 Annual Statements of Earned Income (91A) which traditionally takes place at the end of February.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this matter.


  1. New Member Data pdf format of 2012 New Member Data Form for Disability Members
  2. Disability Retiree Information pdf format of Disability Retirement Data Submission Requirements