Under What Circumstances are Family Members Entitled to a Lump Sum Payment?

If a firefighter, police office, public prosecutor, or corrections officer is killed in the line of duty and as a result of an incident, accident or violence or sustains injuries that are the direct and proximate cause of death, his or her family members are entitled to a one-time award of $150,000.

Which Family Members Would be Entitled to This Lump Sum Benefit?

The surviving spouse of such a firefighter, police officer, public prosecutor, or corrections officer, or, if there is no surviving spouse, the child or children, or, if there is no surviving child, the parent or parents would be entitled to this benefit.

Who Administers This Benefit?

The State Board of Retirement administers and pays this benefit for all eligible public employees, regardless of which retirement system a member is enrolled in at the time of death.

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