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   Chapter 427 of the Acts of 1996 established the creation of a Pension Fraud Unit within the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC). The Unit has the powers and duties necessary for the prevention and investigation of fraudulent disability pension claims and payments.The Unit is responsible for data collection relating to all disability retirees, including earnings statements, registry information, criminal offender record information, retirement board records and other relevant information.

   Any person or entity, paying disability benefits to any public employee, that has reason to believe that a disability pension claim or payment may be fraudulent or has knowledge that a fraudulent disability pension claim or payment is about to take place or has taken place, should promptly notify the Unit. The Unit will review each such report and undertake such further investigation as it deems necessary and proper to determine the validity of the transaction. The telephone number to call to make such a report is (800)445-3266.

   Depending on the outcome of any investigation, the Commission may refer matters to the Attorney General, the appropriate District Attorney or the United States Attorney.
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