Gardner Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




December 27, 2007 Any employee of the City of Gardner or any employee of a member unit at the Gardner Retirement System must be permanently employed in a position that is regularly scheduled for twenty (20) or more hours per week to be eligible for membership in the System.  Members of the System shall receive creditable service only while employed in such a position, consistent with the Board’s creditable service regulation.


December 31, 1998 Any member who desires to establish credit for part-time service before becoming a member must petition the board for such credit. Employees must have payroll evidence to support and verify that such member had prior public employment. For the purposes of computing partial or pro rata membership service, full time credit shall be considered by the board to be two hundred sixty (260) work days and seven and one half (7 ½) hours per day, or nineteen hundred and fifty (1950) hours per annum. Creditable service for part time employees who do not work a full year shall be prorated as it bears against full time service for that particular position.

January 10, 1996 Buy-Backs: Any member who has been incorrectly assessed, had deductions omitted in error or excluded from membership in the retirement system due to no fault of his own, may remit payments to the board in order to correct the error and shall be credited with all creditable service, if any, associated with such a payment. Such payment shall be interest free for a period not to exceed six months from the date of first notification.




April 11, 2002 The Gardner Retirement Board shall conduct a simultaneous election for the two elected members of the Board.  Both terms of the elected members shall be for three years and expire on the same date.  In conducting the election, the Board shall place all candidates who have been nominated in conformance with 840 CMR 7.04 on one ballot.  All eligible candidates shall be listed on the ballot in an order determined by a random drawing of the names of the candidates.  The incumbent(s) (if any) will have the right to be identified as such on the ballot.  In the event that only two candidates have been nominated, the Board shall declare said candidates to be the elected members of the Board, no elections shall be held, and said candidates shall take office and serve in all respects as though he or she had been elected by election.  If there are more than two candidates, an election shall be conducted and each member of or retired from the Gardner Retirement Board shall be allowed to vote for not more than two candidates.  Upon tabulation of the ballots, the two candidates who receive the most votes shall be declared the elected members of the Board.  In the event of a vacancy, a new election shall be conducted to fill a vacancy as soon as practicable and the member elected shall serve for the unexpired portion of the vacant term.

July 19, 1994 Form: Application for Accidental death benefits under G.L. c. 32, § 9.

June 10, 1994 Form: Approval of Form for application for survivor benefits under G.L. c. 32, § 101.