Gloucester Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations


Upon becoming a member of the Gloucester Retirement System, any member may purchase any past service rendered as a part-time, provisional, temporary, substitute, seasonal, or intermittent employee, provided that the member remits to the Gloucester Retirement Board the amount of contributions that would have been withheld from payment for such service, together with statutory interest, had he or she been a member of the System at the time the service was rendered.


Pro-Ration Table

Hours per week:

Creditable Service:

Over 14.0

5 months

Over 16.5

6 months

Over 19.0

7 months

Over 21.5

8 months

Over 24.5

9 months

Over 27.0

10 months

Over 29.5

11 months


12 months

If a member’s average weekly hours based on a 52-week calendar year are over the amounts in the pro-ration table, the member will be credited with the service as listed.

Any member who received remuneration or payment in the form of cash for services rendered will not be considered an employee and will be precluded from purchasing any such past service rendered. The Board does not permit the purchase of past service of any other position which is paid via Form 1099 rather than a W-2.

It shall be the sole responsibility of the member to obtain, and provide to the Board, verification of this past service rendered, including but not limited to payroll records indicating the amount of compensation received and the amount of hours worked. In the event that any or all of such original documentation is unavailable, the Board may exercise its discretion pursuant to G.L. c 32 § 20(5) (c) (1), on a case by case basis, to accept alternative documentation to verify said service.

1. Lump sum payment.
2. Two equal payments distributed over two (2) consecutive months.

Creditable Service buyback payments must commence within 30 days of the date of acceptance by the board.

The Retirement Board will not allow members to buyback previous employment with the City of Gloucester or any other governmental unit, where contributions from such employment were made to Social Security.



If at any time all or any portion of these supplemental regulations, or the application thereof, are determined to be in violation of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 32, or of the rules and regulations promulgated by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission, then such Supplemental Regulation, or application thereof, shall be deemed null and void.