Greenfield Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




June 21, 2013
Fire Call Force & Police Reserve, will be able to receive creditable service if such person meets the requirement of section 4(2)(b) & (b1/2), and will have retirement deductions withheld from their earnings.

Town of Greenfield
Franklin County Technical School
Greenfield Housing Authority

Minimum of 20 hours per week
Permanent basis
Tutors and Permanent Building Substitutes hired for the school year for 20 hours per week, have earnings of $5,000 or more per year, and who do not qualify for MTR membership

Temporary, Seasonal or Intermittent Employees
Crossing Guards
Poll workers
Tobacco Grants
School Nurses
Substitute Teachers & Long Term Substitute Teachers

As of July 1. 2009, earnings less than $5,000 per year including elected officials


October 24, 2012
Payments may be made by a lump sum payment or a rollover from a deferred compensation plan. The Payment must be completed within five years from the agreement.

June 24, 2010
All full time and part time members who work a minimum of twenty hours per week and earn $5,000 or more per year, shall be granted one full year of creditable service for each year employed. Any service in the State, County or a Municipality receiving compensation of less than $5,000 annually, which service occurs on or after 7/1/09, shall not constitute creditable service and cannot be bought back.

As of July 1, 2009, full-time creditable service will be given to all inspectors: electrical, plumbing, sealer of weights and measures if they qualify for membership.

The Board shall credit as full time service not to exceed five years, upon receipt of the appropriate payment, that period of time during which a reserve or intermittent police officer or reserve, permanent intermittent or call fire fighter was on his/her respective list and was eligible for assignment to duty.  In addition to the five years of creditable service allowed, the Board shall credit one day of service for each day worked in any year subsequent to the fifth year.  Credit for such service shall not be conditioned upon the appointment as a permanent member of the police or fire department.  (Chapter 32, section 4(2)(B) & 4(2)(B1/2)).  Town accepted 4/16/03.

Prior to July 1, 2009, upon becoming a member an employee may buy back time worked at less than twenty hours per week when they were ineligible for membership. Members who have their hours reduced to less than twenty hour per week shall continue membership with their creditable service prorated.

Prior to May 24, 2004 the previous part time proration for school employees and members working less than 37 1/2 hours per week will be followed for buybacks and transfers.

Effective May 24, 2004, proration of part time creditable service (less than 20 hours per week) shall be based on full time equivalency of twenty hours per week.


June 24, 2010
Holiday Pay for Police and Fire only

September 2009
MEMA drill pay

October 19, 2007
Beeper pay/stand-by DEW, verbal PERAC Approval per recent case settlement 10/19/07

October 12, 2007
Stand-by pay for acting fire chief/Officer in charge pay,
Detective stipends for being on call,
K9 pay (through payroll only, PERAC)

February 23, 2007
Hazardous Material Pay (excluding overtime)

May 8, 2002
Base pay
Shift Differential
Pay above grade
Retroactive pay increases on the above pay types

Roll Call — Police Department
Pays received m lieu of working
Early Retirement Incentives
Payments as a result of the member giving notice of retirement
Range pay — Police Department
Dry cleaning
Time Bank
FLSA pay — PERAC Approved 5/12/05
Clothing allowance stipend (through payroll only), PERAC Approved 10/12/07 Pen. Reform removed 7/1/09.


February 25, 2014
All adjustments going forward where the Board utilizes G.L. c. 32, section 20(5)(c)(2), and the member or beneficiary receives an adjustment and petitions the Board for interest, the member shall be entitled to receive interest at the rate annually determined by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission pursuant to G. L. c. 32, s. 22(6). The interest rate will be applied to calculate overpayments as well as underpayments

October 24, 2012
A veteran has 180 days to respond after being notified of his/her right to purchase his/her military service. Veteran shall provide a form DD-214 showing eligibility as a "Veteran". A maximum of 4 years may be purchased. Payments may be made by a lump sum payment or a rollover from a deferred compensation plan. Payments must be completed prior to retirement.

May 8, 2002
Part-time members shall have their three-year average based on creditable service awarded. For instance a paraprofessional would have four school terms used to calculate their three-year average.
Full-time members shall have their three-year average calculated on their highest consecutive three years.

The retiree’s payroll will be dated the last working day of the month.