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What is the definition of superannuation?

"Superannuation" is the term that is used to describe the process of being retired upon reaching a certain age and meeting other requirements, including length of creditable service.

When am I considered eligible to retire on the basis of superannuation?

Groups 1, 2, and 4

If your membership began prior to January 1, 1978, upon attaining age 55 you are eligible to retire. There are no minimum service (vesting) requirements for members in this category.

If your membership began on or after January 1, 1978 and you are a member of Group 1 or Group 2, you must have at least ten years of creditable service, and be age 55 or older to be eligible to receive a retirement allowance. If such a member terminates their employment prior to completing ten years of creditable service, eligibility for benefits is limited to a refund of accumulated deductions. A superannuation retirement allowance would not be payable. However, a member may always leave their money in the retirement system and achieve ten years of service via later public employment.

Generally speaking, you are eligible to retire at any age if you have twenty years of creditable service.

Groups 3

Group 3 is comprised of the Massachusetts State Police. Any member who has performed service in the Department of State Police for at least twenty years may elect to retire. State Police Officers should contact the State Board of Retirement for more information with regard to their retirement benefits.

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