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General Requirements
All Group 1 members and those members of Groups 2 and 4 who are exempt from the mandatory retirement age of 65 may continue to work after age 70.

What procedures are applied to those who choose to continue in service after age 70?

At least 120 days before the last day of the month in which such a member-in-service attains age 70, he or she will be contacted by his or her retirement board about retirement benefits, options, and procedures for continuing in service beyond age 70.

How will my retirement allowance be affected if I choose to remain in public service after my 70th birthday?

For service rendered after age 70, retirement deductions become optional, but the decision to continue to contribute or not to continue to contribute cannot be revoked.

Continuing Deductions
If you choose to continue having deductions taken (once made, this choice is irrevocable), regular compensation earned during this period may be used in the calculation of your retirement allowance calculation and you will be given creditable service for whatever additional service you render. However, the age factor used in the calculation of your allowance will remain fixed at 2.5. You will retain all the rights of an active member if you continue to have deductions taken from your pay.

Discontinuing Deductions
If you elect to discontinue retirement deductions (once made, this choice is irrevocable), any regular compensation earned during this period cannot be used to calculate your retirement allowance and no additional creditable service will accrue. If you discontinue deductions, you must contribute to an alternative retirement plan.

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