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What is the definition of vesting?

"Vesting" is the term commonly used to signify the establishment of the right to a retirement allowance. Vested benefits are those benefits that do not depend upon the member remaining in service in order to be entitled to them.

When is a member considered to be vested?

Any individual (in Group 1 or Group 2):

who becomes a member of a public employee retirement system after January 1, 1978, and

who has at least 10 years of service, and

whose accumulated payroll deductions are on deposit with the retirement system may request a retirement allowance upon attaining age 55.

Are there any exceptions to the ten-year creditable service requirement?

Yes. Any individual (in Group 1 or Group 2) whose membership in a public employee retirement system began before January 1, 1978, and who maintains an annuity savings fund account with that retirement system, is eligible to receive a superannuation retirement allowance at age 55 or later, regardless of how many years of creditable service he/she has completed.

There are no minimum vesting requirements for individuals in Group 4.

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