Haverhill Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations





The Board will also grant access [for the purpose of mailings but will not allow the release of] the names and addresses of its active and retired members to candidates who are seeking an elected seat on the Board. The following procedure must be undertaken for access to be granted:

1. All information must be in sealed pre-stamped envelopes or on pre-paid Postcards;
2. Information must be supplied to the Staff one week prior to mailing; and
3. Address labels will be generated and affixed by the Retirement Staff with a cost to the candidate for the labels and one hour of office time at the lowest office rate. All information will be mailed by the Haverhill Retirement Office Staff. All other requests for the addresses or other personal information of the active and retired member, beneficiaries and survivors will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis [consistent with applicable law], and this supplemental regulation may be amended from time to time, subject to PERAC’s approval, to address the needs of the members, beneficiaries and survivors and the City of Haverhill.