14.01 Commission's Rules

Rules of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission shall apply to all retirement boards except as otherwise provided by the Commission or by supplementary rules of a particular retirement board approved by the Commission pursuant to 840 CMR 14.02.

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14.02 Supplementary Rules

(1) Any retirement board may request the Commission to approve rules applicable to that board which supplement the provisions of the Commission's rules. Supplementary rules will generally be approved if: 

(a) they are consistent with the Commission's rules or good cause exists for an exception to the Commission's rules; 

(b) their purpose cannot conveniently be accomplished by amendment of the Commission’s rules; and 

(c) they have been the subject of a public hearing before the board for which reasonable notice has been given

(2) Supplementary rules shall take effect upon approval by the Commission or as may otherwise be provided by the Commission. A current list of all boards for which supplementary rules are in effect and copies of such rules shall be available upon request at the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission. Supplementary rules shall remain in effect according to their terms as approved by the Commission or until later amended or repealed as may be approved or required by the Commission.


840 CMR 14.00: M.G.L. c. 7, § 50; M.G.L. c. 32, §§ 6 and 21.

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