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The Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission’s Legal Unit assists the Commission and responds to questions and concerns of the Commission Members. The Legal Unit provides day-to-day advice to the Commission staff with regard to all aspects of operation. The Unit drafts memoranda for distribution to the Boards to inform Board Members and staff of new legal developments, decisions, and amendments to Chapter 32. The Unit drafts legal opinion letters in response to written inquiries by retirement boards, members of retirement systems, and other interested persons and entities.

     The Legal Unit represents the Commission in hearings before administrative agencies when actions of the Commission are challenged by affected persons. The Unit also defends the Commission in the Superior Court or assists the Office of the Attorney General in providing representation.

     The Legal Unit prepares educational materials and presentations for retirement boards in furtherance of the Commission’s mission to provide assistance to the retirement boards and their staffs.

     The Legal Unit reviews applications for disability retirement and accidental death benefits to insure that all required documentation has been submitted and the application comports with legal requirements. The Unit also reviews and approves the supplementary rules of retirement boards which are consistent with the provisions of G.L. c. 32.
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