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The local options included in the index on this page are those that have generated the greatest interest and inquiries among the retirement boards and their members. Please note that these options do not reflect all of the local option provisions found under Chapter 32.

To view information about local options presented on a board-by-board basis, please visit our Board Profile section.

Select an option below to view detailed information about it, including a description about what the option allows systems to do, links to the relevant statutory citations, related PERAC Memos, and a list of board acceptances. Please note that a "Y" indicates that PERAC has received proof of option acceptance. A "N" does not necessarily mean that an option has not been accepted. It can mean that even though a retirement board has accepted an option, proof of such acceptance has not been received.


Increase in Member-Survivor Minimum Allowance ($250 to $500)
G.L. Ch. 32, § 12(2)(d) / Chapter 176 of the Acts of 2011


10 Year Ordinary Disability Retirement Eligibility
G.L. c. 32, § 6(1) / § 22D

Option C Pop-Up
§ 288 of Chapter 194 of the Acts of 1998
3 Year Average Compensation for Termination Allowances
G.L. c. 32, § 10(2)(a) / Chapter 473 of the Acts of 1984
Placing EMTs in Group 4
G.L. Ch. 32, § 3(2)(g) / Chapter 467 of the Acts of 2008
Call Firefighter Creditable Service (1)
G.L. Ch. 32, § 4(2)(b)
Call Firefighter Creditable Service (2)
G.L. Ch. 32, § 4(2)(b1/2) / Chapter 171 of the Acts of 1995
Creditable Service During Layoff for Police and Fire
Chapter 235 of the Acts of 1994
Creditable Service While on Leave Acting as a Union Representative
G.L. Ch. 32, § 28K
Supplemental Allowance for Dependents of Accidental Disability Retirees
G.L. Ch. 32, § 7(2)(a)(iii)

Increasing Benefits for Surviving Children of Accidental Disability Retirees
G.L. Ch. 32, § 9 / Chapter 55 and Chapter 64 of the Acts of 2006

Disability Retirement Benefits for Veterans:
         Section 1
         G.L. Ch. 32, § 7(2)(e) / Section 1 of Chapter 157 of the Acts of 2005
         Section 2
          Section 2 of Chapter 157 of the Acts of 2005
Veteran's Buyback:
G.L. c. 32, § 4(1)(h) / Chapter 116 of the Acts of 2002
Increase in 101 Benefit:
G.L. Ch. 32, § 101
         Acts of 2010 ($9,000)
         Chapter 131 of the Acts of 2010
         Acts of 2012($12,000)
         Chapter 139 of the Acts of 2012

Non-Contributory Retiree Cost of Living Adjustment
G.L. c. 32, § 102(g) and § 103(h) / Chapter 17 of the Acts of 1997 & Chapter 456 of the Acts of 1998

Retirement Board Member Compensation
G.L. Ch. 32, § 20(6)(a) / § 34 of Chapter 176 of the Acts of 2011
Indemnification of Retirement Board Members
G.L. Ch. 32, § 20A
Increase COLA Base
G.L. Ch. 32, § 103(j)
/ Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2010
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