Marlborough Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations




July 19, 2002
1. Membership in the Retirement System is mandatory for all non-temporary employees who are regularly employed for 20 hours or more per week.

2. Temporary employees or employees who work less than 20 hours per week are ineligible for membership. A temporary employee is an employee whose position is intended to be less than 6 months in duration.


July 19, 2002
1. Full- time employees will receive 1 year of creditable service for each year employed. Part-time employees whose position has always been part-time will receive full creditable service.

2. Part-time employees who become full time employees will have their part-time service pro-rated as it related to full-time service.

3. School department who are employed for the school year will receive 1 year of creditable service.




June 14, 1999 Buy-back Military Service: Military service credit [pursuant to Chapter 71 of the Acts of 1996] may be purchased anytime before a member’s effective date of retirement. Payment for service must be made in a lump sum.

December 24, 1985 Proof of Employment: Affidavits are not acceptable as proof of employment. Official records such as payroll checks or records, board minutes, official department logs, civil service records, etc. are deemed by the board to be acceptable as proof of employment.