Quincy Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations

March 29, 2010



Consistent with the provisions of G.L. c, 32, § 4(1)(o) which was enacted by the passage of Chapter 21 of the Acts of 2009, §5, employees who earn less than $5,000 in a position shall be precluded from membership in the Quincy Retirement System.

The Quincy Retirement System will not accept liability under M.G.L. Chapter 32, § 3(8)(c) from the date of the acceptance of this supplemental regulation, and going forward into the future.

December 12, 1984


Regular Employed

Full-time Employees: Obliged to join immediately.

Temporary Employees: Obliged to join after six (6) months.

Part-time Employees: 

a.  Obliged to join immediately if working 24 hours or more per week on a permanent basis.

b.  Obliged to join after six (6) months if working 24 hours or more per week on a temporary basis.

Members of the Retirement System have to resign or be discharged in order to withdraw their funds.

Membership must be continued regardless of reduction of hours.

Employees who work 24 hours or more per week must join the Retirement System.

Creditable Service will be pro-rated using a full-time work schedule for the position as a base to calculate part-time credit.