15.02: Purchase of Prior Membership Creditable Service; Purchase of Creditable Service for Non-
Membership Service; Rates of Contribution Upon Return to Active Service

(1) Purchase of Prior Creditable Membership Service. Any member authorized by law to
purchase prior creditable service may purchase such service by paying an amount equal to the
accumulated regular deductions withdrawn by the member, together with regular interest. Any
member may make a lump sum payment or installment payments over a period not exceeding
five years and may, with the approval of the board, make installment payments over a period
exceeding five years.

(2) Upon submission of documentation satisfactory to the retirement board, a member will be
allowed to purchase creditable service for periods of non-membership employment. The amount
of creditable service that may be purchased shall be determined by the retirement board in a
manner consistent with the retirement board’s supplementary regulations that have been
approved by the Commission pursuant to 840 CMR 14.00. The member may purchase less than
all non-membership service available for purchase; provided, however, that in such event the
member must purchase the most recent time first.

(3) Rates of Contribution Upon Return to Active Service. The rates of contribution for members
formerly in service who have returned to the service of the same or another governmental unit
shall be as follows:

      (a) for any member who contributed to a retirement system and did not receive a refund of
      accumulated deductions when he or she left service, the contribution rate, upon the
      member's return to service shall be the same rate as the member was contributing at the time
      he or she left service;      

      (b) the contribution rate for any member who contributed to a retirement system and
      received a refund of accumulated deductions after termination of service shall be the
      contribution rate in effect when the member re-established membership, whether or not
      the member purchases prior creditable service.


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