6.05: Notice and Report to the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission

The retirement board shall upon any establishment, termination, or change in character of a
retirement file system submit a report to the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission
regarding the retirement file system it operates. Such report shall include, but not necessarily be limited
to the following information:

(1) The name of the system and the name and address of the Retirement Board;

(2) The nature and purpose of the system;

(3) The identification of the types, categories, uses and sources of data held in the system;

(4) The approximate number of individuals about whom data are held in the system;

(5) Whether and to what extent the data are held in computerized form;

(6) A description of each person and organization having access to the system;

(7) A description of the policies and practices of the board with regard to data maintenance, retention,
and disposal;

(8) A description of the manner in which any individual, who believes that data about him are held in
the system, may have a search made, and, if such data are so held, may inspect, copy, and object to
it as provided in 840 CMR 6.00;

(9) A description of other actions taken to comply with 840 CMR 6.00; and

(10) A statement that this report is available to the public upon request.


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