6.11: Access to Public Records; Promptness of Access; Requests for Public Records

(1) Access to Public Records. The Custodian shall, at reasonable times and without unreasonable
delay, permit any public record under his or her custody to be inspected and examined by any person,
under such supervision as may be appropriate, and shall furnish one copy thereof upon payment of a
reasonable fee as set forth in 840 CMR 6.04(3). The Custodian shall also permit any person to search
the public records of the retirement board in a reasonable manner that does not interfere with the normal
functions of the board.

(2) Promptness of Access. The Custodian shall establish and maintain routine procedures for prompt
production of public records to persons requesting them. The Custodian shall respond to every request
for a public record within ten days and, if the request is granted, produce copies of the public records
requested. If the request is denied, the Custodian shall inform the person requesting the record of the
reasons for such denial in writing and the right to appeal provided in 840 CMR 6.14, M.G.L. c. 66,
§ 10(b), and 950 CMR 32.04.

(3) Request for Public Records. A person may request records either orally or in writing. A
retirement board shall require a written request for records only when there is a substantial doubt as to
whether the record requested is a public record, and shall not require such a written request merely to
delay production. The Custodian shall provide forms for requesting records but any written request is
sufficient as long as the record is adequately described therein. Any person seeking access to a public
record shall provide a reasonable description that enables the Custodian to identify and locate the
record promptly. Superior knowledge of the contents of retirement board files on the part of the
Custodian shall be used to facilitate rather than hinder compliance with requests for public records.


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