7.08: Absentee Ballots

      In elections conducted at a polling place members retired from service may vote by absentee ballot
and an absentee ballot shall be mailed to each such member with notice of the election pursuant to
840 CMR 7.03. A member in service may, upon timely request, vote by absentee ballot only if he or
      (a) will be absent from the city or town where the polling place is located during the hours that it
      will be open;
      (b) will be unable to cast his or her vote in person on the day of the election for reasons of
      religious belief; or
      (c) will be unable to cast his or her vote in person at the polling place by reason of temporary
      physical disability.
      Requests for absentee ballots shall be in writing and shall be filed no later than the day before the
election or such earlier time provided by supplementary rules of the board approved by the Commission
pursuant to 840 CMR 14.02. Absentee ballots shall be counted only if received by the board no later
than the time fixed for the closing of the polls on the day of the election.


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