Westfield Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations

April 2, 2004



The board will reimburse mileage at the IRS rate for reimbursement and whenever the IRS rate changes, the Board’s rate will also change.

January 26, 1994


Employees who start employment with the City of Westfield under 20 hours/week and are contributing to FICA and MEDICARE can buy-back this time for creditable service on a pro-rated basis after they have become eligible for membership by working 20 or more hours/week.  This proration will be based on the number of hours worked -per week when becoming a member to the average of the hours worked while not a member.  Members of the Retirement System who drop under 20/hours/week will continue retirement deductions and will receive full-time creditable service.

April 1, 1988

Creditable Service

Creditable Service up to five (5) years will be granted to reserve police officers and firefighters who continue or establish membership in any Massachusetts Contributory Retirement System regardless of the department of employment.

December 19, 1984

Creditable Service

  • Affidavits are not acceptable as proof of employment. Official city records such as payroll checks or records, board minutes, official department logs, civil service  records, etc. are deemed by the Board to be official;

  • C.E.TA. employees who worked for the City of Westfield and later became City employees can obtain creditable service by make-up payments documented by gross earnings by calendar year and date of services;

  • Part-time employment for membership in the retirement system must be at least twenty (20) hours per week on regular basis;

  • Creditable service for paid commissioners is determined by pro-rating hours of service as compared to a forty (40) hour work week.(AMENDED April 1, 1988)