Worcester Regional Retirement Board Supplemental Regulations



Cafeteria - 6 hours per day is considered a full day. The Retirement Board will allow full year service to include summer months off. If a cafeteria employee works less than 6 hours per day, 5, 4, or 3 hours per day, then service is prorated and based on a 6 hour full day and creditable service is allowed at 83%, 66% or 50% of full 12 months.

Library - If a librarian works all of the hours the library is open, that being 20 hours or more per week, then the retirement board will allow full creditable service. If a member works part-time and not the full hours of the library, then such hours worked will be prorated against the hours the library is opened.

Part-time police work - use hourly rate to determine hours worked based on 37 hours per week being full-time. All other part-time employees will have their time prorated, using a 35-hour week as full time.

Free Prior Service (before 7/1/47) or Date of Charter - $50.00 per month equals one full year of creditable service

School Employees - Full-time employees working during the school year receive 1 full year of creditable service.