• Buying an energy-efficient home appliance

    Next time you go appliance shopping, be sure to check out the EnergyGuide label to learn the estimated yearly operating cost and more. The sample here explains how to use the label as you shop.
  • Going green

    Explore fun and interactive ways for teachers and students to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost in their classrooms, schools, homes and communities. Also, learn how you can do your part at home to help the environment.
  • Home and auto fuel price information

    Compare prices for heating (heating oil, propane, and electricity) and automobile fuels and check out alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas for vehicles.
  • Home energy programs for tenants and homeowners

    Several programs are available to help low-income individuals and families cope with the high cost of home heating during Massachusetts' cold winters. These energy programs provide eligible households with financial assistance to help with paying a portion of winter heating bills; heating system repair and replacement services; and full-scale home energy conservation services.
  • Home heating

    Is your heating system ready for a long, cold winter? Here you can compare pricing for oil, propane, natural gas, and wood, find home heating dealers/suppliers, learn about maintenance and safety issues, pick up some energy saving tips, and find out how to qualify for fuel assistance or weatherization services.
  • Winter heating help

    Wondering how you can reduce the amount of energy you use to save money on home heating? Try these links to energy-saving tips, information on fuel assistance and budget billing payment plans, weekly Massachusetts heating oil and propane price surveys, tips on the dos and don'ts of home heating oil purchases, and resources offering advice on conservation.
  • Winter utility bill help

    Suffering financial hardship and wondering if there are programs available to help with your fuel bills? The answers are here, along with information on utility shutoff protection, discount rate eligibility, budget billing, and more.