• Electric power

    Get tips on how to compare prices and shop for the most reasonable licensed energy supplier, learn about your rights as a consumer, get important information on Dig-Safe requirements, and check out the factors affecting electricity prices.
  • Energy and utility assistance programs

    Fuel Assistance can help you pay for heating your house or apartment during the winter months. It can also pay for fuel, or if heat is included in your rent, it can pay part of your rent. Find out who to contact and learn about utility and telephone discounts for eligible Massachusetts residents.
  • Filing a complaint against a utility company

    Unhappy with your utility company? Download a consumer complaint form here and get instructions on where to file it.
  • Natural gas industry

    Find information about natural gas pricing, suppliers, safeguards to ensure your gas heating system is operating at peak performance, gas meter testing and replacement, your rights as a gas consumer, including filing complaints and shut-off protections, and more.
  • Utility companies in Massachusetts

    Looking for a information on a particular utility company? Try these quick links to electric, gas, telecommunications, and water industry web sites, plus state and federal agencies/associations, such as Digsafe.
  • Winter utility bill help

    Suffering financial hardship and wondering if there are programs available to help with your fuel bills? The answers are here, along with information on utility shutoff protection, discount rate eligibility, budget billing, and more.
  • Electric market information

    Get information on prices, competitive suppliers, customer migration, electric industry restructuring and more.