• Agricultural regulations

    View agricultural regulations for farm products, animals, fairs, milk, pesticides and more.
  • Agriculture

    Here you'll find business information and resources for agricultural stakeholders, on such topics as culinary and agriculture tourism, farm stands, wholesale marketing, and aquaculture. Plus farm products and services for consumers and industry, information on animal health, dairy farming, pest management and more.
  • Commercial fishing

    Anyone who lands and sells finfish, shellfish, lobsters, edible crabs or other living marine resources in Massachusetts must have a commercial fisherman permit from the Division of Marine Fisheries and must sell only to licensed Massachusetts dealers. Check out the state's commercial fishing regulations, quota and landing data, catch reports and more.
  • Forestry

    There are 3.2 million acres of privately owned forest land in Massachusetts and 285,000 acres of state forests and parks. Here you'll find information on "green" certification, forest reserves and forest management initiatives, forestry grants, loans and programs.
  • Hunting and trapping

    Looking for a place to hunt? Need information on hunting laws, licenses, permits or MassWildlife publications? Find maps and info on these topics, plus hunting harvest summaries for certain game species, game check locations, and more.
  • Nature and farms

    Enjoy a change of pace at one of Massachusetts' local farms where you and your family can explore a real working farm. Or visit a nature center and hike, bike, walk, run, horseback ride, or ski a nature trail at one of the region's many state parks.
  • Recreational fishing

    Whether you're new to fishing, looking for a place to drop your line or cast a fly in freshwater, or you'd like to learn about barrier-free fishing locations, you can find the information here. Also learn about freshwater fishing licenses, regulations, fish consumption advisories, and more.