This page provides an alphabetical listing of links to categories of state government forms. (Ex.: Tax Forms)

Professional License Information

Search by license type to find out where to apply for, renew, or verify a license, or to file a complaint against a license holder. (Ex. Nursing)




Address change form (RMV - driver's license/vehicle registration)
Adoption, Name Change forms
Air and climate permit and application forms
Airport and aeronautics forms
Agency contact forms

Appellate Court forms

Athletic field scheduling request pdf format of Athletic Field Scheduling Request
Automobile forms, see RMV forms

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Bar Exam forms
Buying from the Commonwealth, see Purchasing
Birth Records, see Registry of Vital Records

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Car forms, see RMV forms
Change of address form (RMV - driver's license/vehicle registration)
Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) forms
Child Support court forms
Child support forms for parents from the DOR
Civil service

Civil Court forms

Conflict of Interest disclosure, see Ethics

CORI, see Criminal Offender Record Information

Court forms
Crime reporting forms for police stations
Criminal Court forms
Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) forms and applications

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DCR Permits

Death Records, see Registry of Vital Records

Department of Revenue (DOR) forms (taxes, income)
Divorce forms

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Early education and care program forms 
Environmental permit, certification and reporting forms from the Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP)
Environmental sites & spills cleanup permits, reports and application forms
Estate Administration


Eviction forms

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FAST LANE/EZPASS forms and applications
Firearms forms and applications
Fire, flammables, explosives, and other hazardous material permit applications and forms from the State Fire Marshall

Food stamps, see Assistance, food

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Grant, partnerships, and service forms from the Mass. Cultural Council (MCC)
Guardianship of adults forms
Guardianship of a child forms

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Health care provider forms and applications, organized by topic
Health care proxy forms
Health insurance

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Indigency in court forms
Informed consent form for elders living in assisted living
Insurance forms for state employees (GIC)

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Juror forms
, Becoming a

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K-12 educator licensure/relicensure forms

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Legal forms (by topic)
Licensing forms (by profession)

Licensing forms (by type)

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  • One day marriage designation


Mental Health court forms

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Name Change, Adoption forms
Notary public application form and information

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Outdoor advertising application, permits and forms

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Paternity, Child Custody and Support forms
Procurement, see also Purchasing 

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No entries

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Records retention forms for state agencies 
Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) forms and manuals
Registry of Vital Records
Restraining Order and Harassment forms


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Sales and Use Tax forms 
Septic system (Title5) forms
Sex offender registration forms
Small Claims forms
Special education appeals forms and publications
Selling to the Commonwealth, see also Purchasing
SNAP benefits, see also Assistance, food
Statement of Financial Interest, see Ethics
State Revolving Fund (SRF) forms
Supplementary Process forms

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All Massachusetts Tax Forms, Schedules, and Instructions
Personal income tax forms

Corporate excise tax forms

Tax appeal forms and instructions
Fiduciary and partnership tax forms and schedules

Municipal finance and tax forms and brochures
Title 5, see Septic systems
Toxics & hazardous waste permits, reporting and application forms
Trust court forms

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Unclaimed property reporting forms & instructions for institutions
Unemployment insurance forms and publications
Universal Access

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Vehicle inspection forms for drivers
Vehicle inspection forms for inspectors, auto body shops and mechanics

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Waste & recycling permit, reporting and application forms
Water, wastewater & wetlands permit, reporting and application forms
Wetland and waterway permit, certification & reporting forms, see Environmental forms
Wills and Estates forms
Workers compensation forms and publications

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