• Pension

    Know what your contribution is, what your payment options are and calculate what your benefits will be.

  • Healthcare Options

    What you need to know about your group insurance plan before you retire.
  • Retirement FAQs

    A list of links to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about retirement and related topics.
  • State Retirement Board Forms

    A link to the State Board of Retirement for a list of forms that can be downloaded, completed, and mailed to the State Board of Retirement.
  • Deferred Compensation Plan

    Participating in the Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART Plan may help provide a more comfortable and secure financial future. The Plan is established under the Internal Revenue Code Section 457 which allows eligible employees to save and invest before-tax dollars through salary deferrals.
  • Massachusetts public retirement system structure

    Provides information about the different retirement systems and governing boards for state, county and municipal employees in Massachusetts.

  • Post Retirement Employment Guidelines

    The terms and conditions of employment for post retirement employees are set forth in the General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 32: Sections 91 and 91A. The guidelines are to be followed by Executive Branch departments and supersede any previous guidelines regarding post retirement (960-hour) employees.
  • State pension-related legislative updates

    You can find information about newly enacted pension-related legislation (signed into law) and significant pending legislation. Teachers can also find legislative updates through the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement Board (MTRB).