1607 -
World History: Jamestown
Three ships arrived from England with 104 men and boys. The settlers named the nearby river James, after their king and then settled on a narrow peninsula of the river, and named it Jamestown.
Ships arriving in Jamestown, Virginia

1620 -
Mass History: Pilgrims - Plymouth Colony
The Mayflower sailed from Plymouth, England, arriving on the coast of Cape Cod instead of Virginia. After exploring the coast, the ship finally anchored in Plymouth harbor, and the Pilgrims established a settlement.
Arriving in Plymouth

1621 -
First Thanksgiving
The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth. This feast, after the first Plymouth harvest, set the model for our current day feast.

first Thanksgiving
1630 -
Mass History: Puritans - Mass Bay Colony
In September 1630, Governor John Winthrop and the Massachusetts Bay Colony settlers traveled to the peninsula, known as Shawmut by the Algonquins, and founded Dorchester, the first part of the city of Boston.

1634 -
First Public Park
Boston Common became the first public park in America.

1635 -
First Secondary School
Boston Latin School the first American public secondary school was founded in Boston.

1636 -
First College
Harvard College was established in 1636. It was named for after John Harvard of Charlestown, who left half his estate to the new institution upon his death in 1638.
Harvard University Crest

1638 -
First Printing Press
The first American printing press was set up in Cambridge by Stephen Daye.
Printing press

1639 -
First Post Office
The first Post Office in America was Richard Fairbanks' tavern in Boston. In 1939, it was named a repository for overseas mail.

1639 -
First Free American Public School
First free American Public school, The Mather School, was founded in Dorchester.

1646 -
First American Ironworks

First American Ironworks established in Saugus.


1653 -
First American Public Library

Boston Public Library was established in Boston.


Boston Public Library

1686 -
Mass History: First non-puritan town
Oxford became the first non-puritan town.