Newspaper Printing

First Newspaper

The first regularly issued American newspaper, The Boston News-Letter, was published in Boston.


Boston Harbor

First Lighthouse

America's first lighthouse, "The Boston Light" was built in Boston Harbor.


Mass History: End of Indian Wars (1760-'63)

End of Indian Wars in 1763 allows expansion in Western Massachusetts to a total of 184 towns by 1763.


Boston Massacre

World History: Boston Massacre

Tensions aroused from British troops' presence in Boston, culminated in 5 men dying, when troops fired at colonists at the Customs House on March 5.


World History: American Revolution

Battles of Lexington and Concord mark start of the American Revolution.


First Typewriter

The typewriter was invented by Charles Thurber in Worcester.


Shay's Rebellion

Mass History: Shay's Rebellion

Daniel Shay led a rebellion by farmers protesting excessive taxes, oppressive governmental systems and unfair laws and treatment of working people.


First American Novel

William Hill Brown's, The Power of Sympathy, was published in Worcester and is considered the first American novel.