Edward Everett
Painting: by Philip Leslie Hale, 1900

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1835-1836

Edward Everett was born in Dorchester and became a Unitarian minister after graduating from Harvard with a Masters in Divinity. After earning a doctorate in Germany, he returned to Harvard where he taught and edited The North American Review.

Everett served ten years in Congress as a Whig (1825-1835), before being elected Governor of Massachusetts, serving four, one-year terms from 1836-1840. Ultimately restrictive liquor laws that were passed during Everett's administration gave Marcus Morton the platform he needed to defeat him.

Recognized for his intellect and oratorical skill, Everett served as Minister to England, and in 1852, he served as Secretary of State in the Fillmore administration. He served in the Senate as a Whig, and in 1860, he made an unsuccessful Vice Presidential bid with John Bell of Tennessee.