Acting Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1808-1809

Levi Lincoln was the son of a farmer and attended a common school before graduation from Harvard, the only college in Massachusetts at the time. He joined the Minutemen to fight in Cambridge at the start of the American Revolution and would later serve as Prosecutor of Claims seeking restitution from the estates of loyalists.

He participated in Massachusetts' Constitutional Convention in 1779 and served in both of Massachusetts' legislative bodies before winning election to Congress. He was U.S. Attorney General in the Jefferson administration (1801-1804) and briefly served as acting Secretary of State in 1801.

Mr. Lincoln was a member of the Governor's Council in 1806 and was elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor in 1807 and 1808. He assumed the governorship in December of 1808, serving until the inauguration of Christopher Gore in May of 1809. Mr. Lincoln declined an appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court due to failing eyesight and served on the Governor's Council several years before his retirement from public life.