Acting Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1799-1800

Moses Gill was a hardware merchant and minor town official, who through marriage became one of the principal landowners in Worcester County. He served as Judge in the court of common pleas and became a member of the Commonwealth's executive council before becoming Lieutenant Governor in 1794.

On June 7, 1799, following the death of Governor Increase Sumner, Gill became acting Governor. Gill served nearly a year as in that role, until he also died on May 20, 1880. This left the Commonwealth for its first and only time without a Governor or Lieutenant Governor.

The Commonwealth's Executive Council, chaired by Thomas Dawes administered Massachusetts' business until Caleb Strong was inaugurated on May 30, 1800.

Though Gill is often overlooked on lists of Massachusetts' executives, he is remembered by the town named in his honor, Gill, Massachusetts.