William Eustis
Painting: Henry Williams, 1825

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1823-1825

William Eustis was a medical student of Dr. Joseph Warren, a leader of the American Revolution. Some accounts tell of Eustis driving Warren to the Battle of Bunker Hill. Eustis maintained his medical career, combining it with military and public service. He was a hospital surgeon in the Revolutionary War and after returning to practice in Boston, departed again to provide medical assistance as a surgeon during Shay's Rebellion.

Eustis served as a Representative in Massachusetts General Court (1788-1794) and in Congress (1801-1805) before serving as Secretary of War (1809-1813) during the Madison administration. After three unsuccessful bids, he defeated Harrison Gray Otis in 1823 to win the Massachusetts' Governorship. Governor Eustis railed against the Federalists who had supported the Hartford Convention of 1815, which had contemplated the cessation of the New England states from the union and advocated conducting foreign relations on their own behalf.

Eustis died in office in 1825 and was followed by acting Governor Marcus Morton.