John Quincy Adams Brackett
Painting: by Walter Gilman Page, 1899

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1890-1891

John Quincy Adams Brackett served as Lieutenant Governor to Oliver Ames and was elected to succeed him as Governor. Brackett was a graduate of Harvard Law School and served as Judge Advocate of the Massachusetts Militia's First Brigade. He was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1877-1882 and 1884-1887, serving as Speaker of the House 1885-7. Over the next three years Brackett served as Lieutenant Governor.

When Oliver Ames declined to run for a fourth term, Mr. Brackett launched a successful campaign as a Republican, defeating the single Democrat in the popular election. Governor Brackett effectively advanced an agenda of tax reform, and he advocated further improvements in Massachusetts' prisons.

William Eustis Russell defeated Governor Brackett his first reelection bid. Mr. Brackett returned to his law practice in Boston and remained active in the state's Republican party.