Frank G. Allen
Painting: by John Christian Johansen, 1933

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1929-1931

Frank Allen served as Alvan T. Fuller's Lieutenant Governor and over the next two years continued the decade long succession of Republican executive leadership. Governor Allen established the Massachusetts Transit Authority, the state's Industrial Commission, and he appointed several women to judgeships.

Allen married Clara Winslow in 1897, after working for Winslow Brothers and Smith Company since 1893. He served as the company's president from 1912 to 1929. He entered public service serving on the Norwood Board of Assessors (1910-1915) and was chairman of the Board of Selectman (1915-1922). He was elected a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives (1918-1919) and served in the Massachusetts Senate (1921-1922). He served as Lieutenant Governor during Governor Fuller's administration (1925-1929), becoming Governor in 1929.

As Governor, Allen established the Massachusetts Transit Authority, created the Port Authority, expanded facilities to care for the sick and indigent, as well as appointed two women to judgeships.

Mr. Allen was defeated in reelection by Democrat Joseph Ely. He returned to Winslow and Smith Company, where he served as Chairman of the Board until 1950.