Argeo Paul Cellucci
Painting by: Ronald Sherr

Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1997-2001

Paul Cellucci served as William Weld's Lieutenant Governor. With years of experience as a local politician and having served in both houses of Massachusetts' legislature, Mr. Cellucci brought a wealth of political relationships and experience to the office of Governor.

Following graduation from the Boston College School of Management in 1970, Mr. Cellucci became active in town government, entered law school, and joined the Army Reserves. He graduated from Boston College Law School in 1973 and continued to serve in the Army Reserves, earning an honorable discharge at the Captain's rank in 1978. He also worked in his family's automobile dealership and pursued a private legal practice in Hudson. In 1976, Mr. Cellucci was elected a member in Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he served until 1984, when he began three terms in the state Senate.

Mr. Cellucci was elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1990 and was sworn in as Governor to complete the remainder of Governor William F. Weld's term of office in 1997. He was reelected in his own right in 1998. A strong advocate for smaller government and lower taxes, Governor Cellucci proposed a reduction in the Massachusetts' income tax on his first day as Governor. He continued the Commonwealth's strong focus on education reform, access to health care, and the fight against domestic violence.

In April of 2001, Governor Cellucci officially vacated the Office of Governor to assume duties as Ambassador to Canada. Lieutenant Governor, Jane Swift, succeeded him as acting Governor.