John Haynes
Painting: by Harold A. Green, 1934

Governor Massachusetts Bay Colony: 1635-1636

Governor of Connecticut: 1639-1640, 1649-1650, 1641-1642, 1651-1652, 1643-1644, 1653-1654, 1645-1646, 1647-1648

Governors rarely have the opportunity to start over. Just a few years after serving a difficult term as Governor of Massachusetts, John Haynes became the first Governor of Connecticut, winning reelection to the seat eight times.

He came to Boston in 1633, with Cotton Mather and Thomas Hooker onboard the Griffin. A man of wealth, he was elected Assistant Governor in 1634 and Governor in 1635. Increased immigration outstripped the Colony's ability to produce food. Shortages and privation were common. Haynes suppressed religious and political dissent, such as advocating the expulsion Roger Williams for his unorthodox religious teachings.

Haynes remained active politically after his single term, but soon took his family to Connecticut to seek better conditions. There he helped negotiate an alliance with Massachusetts to fight indigenous tribes and negotiated peace with the Narragansetts and Mohegans.

He was elected as Connecticut's first governor. Term limits prevented him from serving successive terms, however voters valued his leadership so much they reelected him every other year between 1639 and 1653.