William Dummer
Painting: Frederic Porter Vinton, 1886

Acting Royal Governor of Massachusetts: 1723-1728, 1729-1730

When Royal Governor Samuel Shute went to London to protest the difficult situation he faced in Massachusetts, William Dummer administered the Colony's affairs as Lieutenant Governor. But when Shute did not return, Dummer faced the same problems as Shute, but with the diminished authority of an acting Governor.

Over the next five years, Dummer faced a legislature reluctant to pay him a regular salary. Further, the Colony faced attack by native tribes, and the legislature was reluctant to finance an aggressive defense of the Maine territory.

Dummer managed a three-year military campaign, which eventually resulted in a temporary treaty. The new Royal Governor, William Burnet, arrived in 1728. Just over a year later Burnet died in office, and William Dummer again served as acting Governor for a briefer nine-month term.

In 1730, William Dummer retired, spending the next thirty years of his life in his mansion as a gentleman farmer. He bequeathed the funds to establish the Governor Dummer Academy, the country's first independent boarding school.