Photo: Henry Cabot Lodge statue
Photo by Dave Wieneke

Sculptor: Raymond A. Porter

Installed: 1930

Born in Boston, Henry Cabot Lodge lived in a world of intellectual, political, and financial power. He earned the first Ph.D in political science awarded by Harvard, and a degree from its law school before joining his mentor Henry Adams as editor of the North American Review in 1887.

He won election to the US Senate in 1893, where he would serve his remaining thirty-one years. Close friends with Theodore Roosevelt, he shared the President's desire to see the United States play a larger role in world affairs. He advocated fighting the Spanish-American war, which raised then Assistant Secretary of the Navy Roosevelt's Presidential prospects.

Lodge is best remembered for spearheading Senate blockage of American membership in the League of Nations on the grounds that its covenant threatened American sovereignty. Thus, this man who had prepared his country for international leadership, ironically came to be remembered as an isolationist.