Photo: John F. Kennedy statue
Photo - Dave Wieneke, MCET

Sculptor: Isabel McIlvain

Created: 1990

John Kennedy was born to a family steeped in political tradition. The marriage of his parents united two of Boston's most politically powerful families, and marked Irish ascendance to the highest levels of American aristocracy.

A war hero and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Kennedy represented Massachusetts in Congress (1947-1953) and in the US Senate (1953-1960) before his election as the 35th President.

As he departed Massachusetts President-elect Kennedy made a farewell speech to the Massachusetts legislature. There he reflected on the contributions of Massachusetts' patriots, and the way in which he would hold them as examples.

President Kennedy guided the world through the most dangerous part of the Cold War, proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and started the Peace Corps. He inspired American's to think better of their prospects to do good in the world.

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