House Chamber

House of Representatives Chamber

Third Floor Paneled in Honduras mahogany, the Massachusetts House of Representatives Chamber is home to the General Court's more populous body. Behind the Speaker's podium are a series of murals by Albert Herter known as The Milestones to Freedom.

Hall of Flags

Memorial Hall / Hall of Flags - Second Floor

Built of Italian marble on an elaborate mosaic floor, the Hall of Flags is a monumental tribute to the citizen soldiers who have defended Massachusetts for over two hundred years. Film images of the first flags of the American Revolution are displayed along with those carried by units in later battles.

Nurses Hall

Nurses Hall - Second Floor

Bela Lyon Pratt's larger than life memorial is the focus of Nurses Hall. It sits between a statue of Civil War hero William Bartlett and the Hall of Flags. Made largely from Pavonazzo marble, the hall towers upward with murals depicting the beginnings of the American Revolution.

Great Stairs

The Grand Staircase - As Seen from Second Floor

The expansive landing of the main staircase is frequently used for public presentations within the State House. At the top of the stairs is a Palladian stained-glass window comprised of seals of state in the center, and those of its provincial governors on each side.

Spanish-American War Memorial

Spanish-American War Memorial - Third Floor

Roger Wolcott won the then annual Massachusetts gubernatorial elections of 1896, 1897, and 1898. He declined to run for office in 1899 and died greatly mourned the following year. Over 10,000 donors contributed to build his statue, which was executed by Daniel Chester French, with Henry Bacon constructing the base.

He sits in front of a series of murals commemorating the Massachusetts 6th Regiment in the Civil War, the liberation of Puerto Rico from Spain, the Spanish-American War and the First World War.