• Cities & towns

    Access all sorts of data and information about cities and towns in Massachusetts.

  • Counties & regions

    Massachusetts has 14 counties. Many functions that are performed at the county level in other states, are performed at the state level here.  Most Massachusetts counties are now primarily geographic districts, with little to no central government functions, such as a county commissioner. However, county residents still elect District Attorneys, Sheriffs and some other officials to perform duties within their counties.  Other functions, such as transit and planning, are performed on a regional basis.

  • Procurement information for local purchasing officials

    Purchasing officials from municipal, county, district, and local authorities can find information here on using statewide contracts to buy supplies and services, and on using the Commonwealth's Procurement & Solicitation System (COMMBUYS) to post solicitations. Legal requirements for procurement, seminars for purchasing officials, and other procurement resources can also be found here.