• Accountants & financial officers

    The Division of Local Services Bureau of Accounts oversees the financial management of Massachusetts' 351 cities and towns. Its staff assist local financial officers with state regulations and requirements, approve tax rates, certify compliance with Proposition 2 1/2, and offer instruction in sound municipal accounting practices. Certain issues of debt of city, town, counties, and districts are issued as 'State House notes' and are certified by the Director of Accounts. The Director also certifies free cash of cities and towns that is thereafter available for appropriation. The Bureau reviews and approves audit reports of various Massachusetts local governments submitted by independent CPA firms.
  • Assessors

    The Division of Local Services Bureau of Local Assessment is responsible for regulation, oversight, training and technical assistance to cities and towns in the areas of real and personal property valuation and classification. The Bureau reviews and recertifies each municipality's property values once every three years to ensure they are at full and fair market value. The Bureau also values properties for state mandated programs. Statutory valuation programs include biennial equalized valuation study used in distributing state local aid, estimating the value of certain state owned land for municipal reimbursement programs; centrally valuing utility telephone and gas pipeline companies for local property tax assessment, assisting in the development of Ch. 61A farmland values and approving new tax base levy growth.
  • Health insurance for municipal employees

    Resources from the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) for participating municipalities on selecting and enrolling in health plans, and information for non-participating municipalities who are seeking information on reducing insurance costs for their employees and retirees.
  • Municipal data & financial management

    The Division of Local Services Municipal Data Management and Technical Assistance Bureau (MDM/TAB) is responsible for developing and maintaining the Municipal Databank; coordinating the preparation and dissemination of Cherry Sheet state aid estimates and the distribution of quarterly local aid; and updating comprehensive financial spreadsheets on municipal revenues, expenditures and demographic data found on the Division's website. The Technical Assistance Section coordinates the Division's on-site financial management assistance program.
  • Elementary & Secondary education grants

    Grants and other financial assistance programs.
  • Library grants

    The Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners administers both state and federal grant programs for libraries of all types throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Public safety grants

    The Executive Office of Public Safety delivers numerous exciting funding and training opportunities to the Commonwealth each year. Powered by state and federal tax dollars, these opportunities reinforce public safety in the Commonwealth in several arenas.