• Overview of county government

  • Listing of active counties

  • Abolished county governments

    Find information on the historical data relating to the incorporation of and abolishment of counties in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Maps

    Find commuting and driving maps, aerial and topographic maps, recreation and outdoor activity maps, statewide city, town and county maps, and more.
  • Cities & towns within counties

  • District Attorneys

    The District Attorney's Office assists police departments in criminal investigations and prosecutes criminal charges for the Commonwealth against those who are accused of breaking the law.  Upon receipt of a reported crime the District Attorney reviews the facts and evidence and decides whether or not to approve the charges and proceed with prosecution. After the District Attorney's Office approves the charges, the case will go to court.

  • Sheriffs

    Massachusetts sheriffs have three main areas of responsibility. The first is to transport and hold inmates at county houses of corrections and jails. Each sheriff also manages a civil process office, which is responsible for executing court orders and delivering legal documents — such as summonses, subpoenas, divorce papers, and garnishments — that are essential to the proceedings of state-wide and county civil cases. Last but not least, sheriffs support and assist local and State Police, fire departments, and others in law enforcement and public safety.

  • Additional information & historical data

    Additional information and historical data on Massachusetts cities, towns and counties, published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

  • Regional planning agencies

    Massachusetts has fourteen regional planning agencies. These agencies exist to help the communities within their jurisdictions plan and implement short- and long-range improvements for transportation, economic development, environmental, land use, and community development needs.

  • Regional transit authorities

    Regional transit authorities (RTAs) provide and coordinate cost-effective and safe transportation options for commuters. Massachusetts has 16 RTAs, including the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority).

  • Underground storage tank facility data query tool

    Find data on tanks, piping, ownership and required inspections for Underground Storage Tanks (UST).