• Massachusetts General Laws
    Learn about and search for general laws in Massachusetts These laws are permanent, and they cover government administration, property and domestic issues, civil cases, and criminal cases.
  • Session Laws
    Session laws are bills that have been passed by the state legislature and turned into law. You can browse all session laws by year dating back to 1997.
  • Search for a Bill or a Law
  • Acts and Resolves
    Acts and resolves both fall under session laws. Acts can cover a range of legislation, including setting a budget, introducing new initiatives, or changing government structure. Resolves are used to set up commissions to look into a specific issue. Find acts and resolves from the state legislature dating from 1692 to the present day.
  • Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR)
    Browse all of the regulations issues by state agencies in Massachusetts. You can search the CMR alphabetically by subject, or by citation number.
  • Executive Orders
    Executive orders are issued by the governor, and have the force of law. You can search for executive orders by topic or by number, and browse past Massachusetts Executive Orders dating back to 1941.
  • Rules of Courts and Standing Orders
    Read the rules and standing orders that govern court procedure in Massachusetts.

Agency and Commission Decisions