• Juvenile court

    The Juvenile Court deals with matters involving children. The court hears cases terminating parental rights, adoption, child support, appointment of guardians, and failure to attend school, among others. There are eleven divisions of the juvenile court with sessions in more than forty locations.

  • Juvenile delinquency

    The legal definition of a juvenile delinquent is a person between the ages of 7 and 16 who commits an act that would be a crime if that person were an adult. Juvenile delinquents are found to be in need of supervision, treatment, or confinement by a hearing in Family Court. Juvenile offenders are committed to the Department of Youth Services (DYS). Youth indicted and subsequently found to be youthful offenders can be committed until the objective of the commitment is accomplished or until age 21. DYS is committed to making sure that the youth in its care get the help they need to lead better lives and make better choices.

  • Juvenile justice resources

    The goal of these juvenile justice resources is to reduce juvenile crime and violence in the schools and the community through increased communication and better sharing of information and resources.