• Consumer protection and patient rights

    Sometimes, health care services can fall below a patient’s expectations. As a consumer, you should know what you can do to ensure that you receive quality health care. This means knowing what to do when the care you receive is not of the quality you deserve.

  • Drug safety

    Here you will find pharmacy consumer tips, poison control, poison prevention, and more. 

  • Family health

    Here you will find health programs, services, and immunization and injury prevention resources to help your family maintain good health in every stage of life – newborns and mothers, children and youth with special needs, teens, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, and older people.

  • Food, nutrition, and fitness

    What should we eat to maintain good nutrition? How should we prepare our food to keep it safe and wholesome? How should we be active to be healthy? Find the answers here.

  • Injury prevention

    Here you will find building regulations, drug safety, fire prevention, home safety for infants and children, information about bed bugs, and more.   

  • Safety outdoors

    Learn about ice safety, outdoor skills and safety, wildlife safety, and more.  

  • Safe driving and transportation

    Information on emergency roadside assistance, traffic safety programs, safely riding the MBTA and more.  

  • Workplace health and safety

    Massachusetts workers who are or may be exposed to toxic/hazardous chemicals in the workplace have a right to know this. Learn more about the services in place for creating healthier and safer workplaces for Massachusetts workers.