• Boat safety

    Operating a boat, whether motor or non-motorized, is a safe outdoor recreational activity. By using a little common sense, boating will stay that way.

  • Extreme heat

    A prevention guide to promote your personal health and safety.

  • Ice safety

    This ice strength and safety information is presented for the benefit of ice anglers and other winter sports people recreating on iced-over bodies of water.

  • Outdoor skills and safety

    The programs listed in this area focus on outdoor skills; skills in many cases related, but not limited to, fishing, hunting and trapping.

  • Treestand safety

    Treestand use is a popular practice for both hunters and wildlife photographers.  According to the Division's Hunter Education Program,treestand safety practices have evolved over the years as new research and statistics become available. What were once considered to be 'safe' treestand safety practices 10 years ago are simply not considered 'safe' today.

  • Wildlife safety

    A little advance planning will result in a more enjoyable experience, comfortable, and successful wildlife viewing trip. Here are tips to plan a safe and successful trip.